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Lemon Tree Kitchen opens March 19th

We are ready to open our Lemon Tree Kitchen doors!



Imagine sitting at the table with your friends and family, with everyone having a tasty option to choose from no matter what their dietary style. Let us introduce you to Lemon Tree Kitchen, which will open on March 19, 2019 at 1289 N. Palm Ave. This new concept will be the casual, full-service restaurant Sarasota has been hungry for – a new twist on American Classics with menu items that fit into a healthful lifestyle. With a focus on fresh, local ingredients, exceptional flavors and truly clean eating, Lemon Tree Kitchen will offer outstanding food at an affordable price for the casual diner. Dishes will also have the flexibility to meet dietary restrictions or personal choice of diners adhering to a number of popular eating plans including Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Friendly and Mediterranean, among others.


“Lemon Tree Kitchen is right on trend with what’s happening in the culinary world,” said Joe Seidensticker, CEO of Tableseide Restaurant Group. “Diners are craving to eat out and enjoy meals that are not only delicious, but good for them. Sarasota has so many locals and visitors who are passionate about their healthy lifestyle. At Lemon Tree Kitchen, they can enjoy dishes that they’ll feel good about without sacrificing taste or draining their wallet. And for diners who just want an outstanding meal, Lemon Tree Kitchen will have something for them, too.”


The decision to close Louies Modern was not made lightly. With the completion of surrounding hotels, street improvements and city parking Tableseide wanted to ensure the longevity of the existing location at 1289 N. Palm Avenue.


Seidensticker, along with Tableseide’s Executive Team had been planning the restaurant group’s next concept. That coincided with many staff and executives who were making personal lifestyle choices to change their eating habits. The Tableseide team realized there were only a few healthy dining options in Sarasota and none were priced with value in mind without losing quality. Seidensticker knew that a clean, healthy dining option that catered to all diners was the perfect addition to the company’s portfolio.


After searching for locations throughout Sarasota, executives realized that they already had the perfect space for this exciting new concept at the existing N. Palm Avenue location. The new Lemon Tree Kitchen will complement the culture and values that Tableseide strives to provide Sarasota residents and visitors.


“With so many dining options, we believe Lemon Tree Kitchen will stand out. We’re excited to create brands that we can stand behind,” added Seidensticker.


Lemon Tree Kitchen will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, with an a la carte brunch menu offered on Sundays. To see the transformation from Louies Modern to Lemon Tree Kitchen and more follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Sign up to receive notifications via email and to see our new menu by clicking here.