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TableSeide Stories December Highlight

Regina Moreira | Server | Libby's Cafe + Bar

For the month of December we wanted to highlight one of our longest standing employees, Regina Moreira, of Libby's Cafe + Bar. 

Regina was born and raised in the largest city in South America. After spending 25 years as on Office Adminstrator in Sau Paulo, Brazil she decided to fully support the music career of her husband, Regis, and move to the United States. Regina and her husband Regis, who you can hear playing holiday favorites for us on Christmas Eve at Libby's Cafe + Bar, have now lived in Sarasota for 18 years. And the rest as they history.


We sat down with the ever vivacious Regina to get more details on her start in hospitality and why she is referred to as the "actual boss" of our Southside Village restaurant, Libby's Cafe + Bar.

How long have you been within the TableSeide Restaurant Group family?

I have been apart of the Seidensticker family for nine years now. You can find me at Libby's Cafe + Bar usually, but also up on University Parkway at Oak & Stone.

What was the driving force in moving from an office environment to the hospitality industry?

Language. When I first moved to the United States I wanted to learn the American way I had heard so much about in previous travels. Thought the quickest way to learn the people, the language, the culture would be centered around food as it is in most countries so into the restaurant industry I went. Started as a busser and as my English got better I moved my way up to server. 

What do you enjoy most about working in the hospitality field?

I LOVE meeting different people everday and talking about all the new and exciting things happening in the community. And of course, my regulars, are what you call "the salt of the earth" or the best!

You have a drink named after you at Libby's Cafe + Bar, correct? How did that happen?

Adam, our Bar Manager, was working on a drink behind the bar. I, being my inquisitive self, asked him what he was doing. He told me. I tried the drink, and I approved it. If you ask him he will say that he named the drink after me because it is complex with many layers just like me...and he is right! 

What is the name of this drink? And what's in it?

The drink and I both go by the name of FiFi. It is Gin, Absinthe, Strawberry Cordial, Lemon, Brut Rose, Pamplemousse Rosè...a must try!

This leads us perfectly into our next question about your accolades here at Libby's Cafe + Bar, have any?

People around here like to call me the "actual boss." Why? Because I am always quick to make sure everything is in its right place and up to my highest standards. 

When a guest sits down to one of your tables, what can they expect?

A welcoming smile along with a passion for and knowledge of our menu...and every menu before it. I will remember if you tell me you really love a dish and treat you as the TableSeide Restaurant Group treats me...always like family.

When you are not serving at Libby's Cafe + Bar or at Oak & Stone what do you like to do?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially my daughter Adriana and my grandchildren Nico and Thomas.

Of all the TableSeide Restaurant Group menus you have served from what is ultimately your favorite dish?

The White Castle Burger, a vintage Libby's favorite. A giant piece of deep fried velveeta alongside our short rib and brisket blend patty...what's not to love?